With EW, you can conveniently connect to a wide range of financial institutions, including some of the most popular banks in the UK. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive and seamless experience in managing your finances. Here is a list of the banks that you can currently connect with through the EW app: 

  • List of Financial Institutions (link) 

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and we continue to work on expanding our list of supported banks to include even more options. We are committed to ensuring that you can effortlessly manage all your financial accounts in one place. 

If you don’t see your bank listed here or if you have any specific banks in mind that you would like us to include, please let us know. We value your feedback and are constantly striving to enhance our services to better meet your needs. Meanwhile, you can add any other bank by manually adding. I see how in Can I add assets manually? (link) 

Should you have any further questions about connecting your bank accounts or any other aspect of the EW app, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. We are here to assist you in making the most of your financial management experience. 

Absolutely! Our app is designed to provide you with a truly global perspective on your finances. We understand the importance of managing assets across different countries, particularly for expatriates and individuals with international financial interests. 

Our application offers you the ability to connect with a diverse selection of financial institutions spanning across more than 50 countries. This means you can easily integrate accounts from various banks, even if they are located in different parts of the world. 

See the list of countries available here (link). 

If you have assets in countries not included in the list, you can still add your assets manually. 

You can link an account by tapping the plus button on the dashboard or accounts page, and then selecting the category and country.  

The app will likely present you with a list of banks available to connect in the selected country. Select your bank from the list, or if your bank is not listed, use the search field to find the financial institution. 

The app will prompt you to log in to your bank account. This usually involves providing your online banking credentials, which may include your username and password. 

We will request permission to access your bank account data.  This is necessary to retrieve your account information and display it within the app. Review the permissions carefully and grant the necessary access. Remember that all data will be encrypted, and only you can see your financial details. 

It might take a moment to verify your bank account. Once verification is complete, you should see your bank account information displayed within the app. 

If you can’t find your bank, there is an option to add an account manually. See how in Can I add assets manually? (link) Please let us know if your bank isn’t available, so we can work on an integration so that you can access your account through our app. 

Still have a question?

Our support team is here to help.