Take Back The Control Of Your Finances

Supercharge your finances with tools and insights usually only reserved for the super-wealthy and institutions. Have all your assets and liabilities in one place, regardless of where or how you invested.

See Your Whole Wealth Picture In A Few Taps

Connect all your accounts in just a few taps to track your wealth in real* time.
Easily and Efficiently.

    All your accounts across various financial institutions and countries*

    Your assets and liabilities in one place

    Regardless of how or where it is invested

    Includes proprietary analytical and valuations tools

    Tracking Your Finances

    Easily & Efficiently Track Your Wealth

    Track your wealth progression in real* time and stay on top of your finances with a Global Holistic view of your net worth.

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    Better Visibility

    Make Better Informed Investment Decisions

    Experience enhanced visibility through our analytical tools, giving you insight and control over your wealth so you can finally make the right decisions.

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    Your Data. Your Choice.

    Elisyan Wealth is designed for you, with your privacy at heart. After all, your data should always belong to you.

    1. Have full control of your wealth and your financial data.

    2. We can never see your financial data, which means we can never collect or sell it.

    3. You decide if and/or who you want to share your information with.

    4. We charge a subscription fee to use this app- we do not make money by selling data! Remember, if it’s free, then YOU ARE the PRODUCT

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